Prepare thyself 

       Sam Tein

Sam Tein works as a writer in the North West of England. In another life he runs an industrial electronics business. However, his lifelong interest in speculative fiction recently forced him to take up the pen and join in the fun of projecting the crazy stories in his head, onto the page. In his writing, he tries to find the humorous side of the weird, dystopian and the sometimes nightmarish worlds he creates.

Latest News

Once Upon a Time in the North West
'Reveloutions' - An anthology published by the Manchester Speculative Fiction Group is now available on Amazon as a download or print on demand.

The anthology is a collection of stories all with a connection to the city of Manchester in the North West of England. Seventeen stories from seventeen authors.

This is the first in the adventures of Grutt ‘Hard Crust’ Broggwaller. A futuristic, post-apocalyptic story set in the ravaged, war torn city of Manchester. It follows the exploits of Grutt in his battle against the "Backtechs", who wish to return to the golden age of human domination of the planet.    
Other Titles

Life can be Hell.
The unfortunate story of a life ended too soon, set against the backdrop of hell and damnation. Can there be hope for a misguided soul's redemption after life has ended?
Truth Will Out.
Entered into the 2015 Manchester Competition.

The confessions of a guilty man laid bare. The post accident interrogation of a man that answered a phone call while driving.